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Show Information
£23.50 to £50.50

Booking dates:
10 June 2013 - 21 June 2013

Shakespeares Globe

Type of production:

Running time:
To Be Conf

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'If I be waspish, best beware my sting.'

Two wealthy sisters in Padua must be married off. The modest, demure Bianca has no shortage of suitors, but who on earth will take the wild, ungovernable, 'shrewish' Katherina? Perhaps the gold-digging Petruchio, as maddeningly strongwilled and perverse as Katherina herself, will be equal to the task of bullying her to the altar.

Shakespeare's outrageous comedy introduces one of the theatre's great screwball double-acts, a couple hellbent on confusing and outwitting each other right up to its controversial conclusion.

Performed by an all female cast at the Globe and touring on an Elizabethan-style stage.