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The Mousetrap Synopsis

A woman has been murdered in London. A young couple have started a guest house at Monkswell Manor and have 4 guests arrive, only to find themselves snowed-in.

They read of the murder of Mrs Maureen Lyon in the paper and shortly after, are visited by the local Detective Sergeant, who tells of a murderer being loose in the area, heading to the Manor. Suddenly, one of the guests is murdered... the murderer is already among them!!

How will this story unfurl? Who is the murderer? You'll have to book your tickets to find out.

And remember... don't tell anyone whodunit!

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Theatre: St Martins Theatre

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Production Type: Play

Running Time: 2 hrs 20 mins

Author / Playwright: Agatha Christie

Director: Ian Talbot


Claire Cartwright
Eleanor Cox
Hdnry Devas
Timothy Kightley

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The Mousetrap News


For over 55 years Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap has been the world's longest running stage production, and the 26,000th performance will take place this April. It was in March 1956 that Peter Saunders sold the film rights, but shrewdly added the proviso that the film could not be released until six months after the end of the West End run. The film has yet to be made.

When The Mousetrap opened on 25th November 1952, with Richard Attenborough and his fellow film star and beloved wife Sheila Sim in the leading roles, it was only seven years since Hitler died. Much essential food was still rationed, Mr Winston Churchill was Prime Minister, Harry Truman was President of the United States, and Stalin was ruler of Russia. There was fighting in Korea, and Princess Elizabeth began her long reign as Queen. The last tram ran in London, television programmes ended at 10.30 p.m., and the entire TV listings only occupied three and a half lines.

Since it opened 434 actors and actresses have appeared in the play, and it has been presented in 27 different languages in more than 50 countries. Having opened at The Ambassadors Theatre, it moved to the St. Martin's Theatre in March 1974 without missing a performance. Only the clock on the mantelpiece has survived onstage and the original wind machine is still in use to this day. Everything else has been replaced.

To mark its 60th anniversary in 2012, a Gala Performance was held in support of Mousetrap Theatre Projects with an all-star cast including Julie Walters, Patrick Stewart, Miranda Hart and Hugh Bonneville. On the same evening a Memorial to Agatha Christie was unveiled close to the theatre, in St. Martin's Lane.

From Monday 23rd February 2015, the cast will be:
Claire Cartwright as Mollie Ralston
Eleanor Cox as Miss Casewell
Henry Devas as Detective-Sergeant Trotter
Timothy Kightley as Major Metcalf
Phillip Langhorne as Giles Ralston
Audrey Palmer as Mrs Boyle
Robert Rees as Christopher Wren
Ian Targett as Mr Paravicini

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