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Show Information
£19.50 to £67.00

Booking dates:
14 September 2006 - 05 September 2015

Criterion Theatre

Type of production:

Running time:
2 hours

Rupert Degas
Charles Edwards
Catherine McCormack
Simon Gregor

Maria Aitken

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Tickets for The 39 Steps

The setting is Britain, just as events are unfolding leading to the First World War.

Richard Hannay is one of the old school 'stiff upper lipped' type of Englishman. The type of man that never capitulates or shows any emotion, whatever the cost. He has just returned to London from Africa when he is contacted by the mysterious Franklin Scudder, who is a freelance spy!

Scudder has contacted Hannay to ask for his help. He has uncovered a plot by the Germans - they are planning to assassinate the Greek Prime Minister and steal a set of military plans which would cause untold damage to Britain, if war broke out.

A few days after this meeting, Hannay visits Scudder at home but arrives to find he has been murdered. This immediately throws suspicion on Hannay, who realises he has been framed for the murder. He has to flee the crime scene and find out who the real murderer is. This quest involves dodging both the police and a set of very nasty German spies!

Hannay goes on the run pursued by the Germans which results in a series of fast-paced scenes in various locations - the top of the Forth Bridge, on the Flying Scotsman and the famous bi-plane crash. In fact, this is the first time that a bi-plane crash has been staged in the theatre!

The plot also hinges upon the title - the '39 Steps'. What are these steps? What do they refer to and why? Hannay is determined to find out what they mean and in doing so find out the cause of Scudder's death.